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LifeSupport™ is the core component and industry standard for Freeform Reversible Embedding of Suspended Hydrogels (FRESH) 3D bioprinting. Each LifeSupport printing kit comes with five 2g units grams of sterile, dried, LifeSupport powder which is composed of gelatin microparticles of defined size and shape. Each 2g unit rehydrates to approximately 20 mL of LifeSupport material.

FRESH 3D bioprinting is performed by extruding bioinks and other materials within the hydrated, compacted LifeSupport support material, which is specially formulated to prevent constructs from collapsing and deforming while printing. A wide range of polymer crosslinking chemistries and gelation mechanisms are supported within LifeSupport by the incorporation of ions, enzymes, pH buffers and more into the support material during the rehydration process.

LifeSupport allows for FRESH 3D bioprinting of soft hydrogel bioinks in complex geometries without the need for sacrificial support inks (e.g., Pluronic® F-127, polycaprolactone, gelatin) or ink modifiers to increase mechanical stability (e.g., gelatin methacrylate, cellulose, alginate). It can be rehydrated in a range of buffers and cell culture media to support multiple cell types and specific bioinks.

Bioinks that can be printed include collagen, alginate, fibrin, decellularized extracellular matrix, methacrylated gelatin, methacrylated hyaluronic acid, and more. Return to the shop for options.

Watch a quick video on LifeSupport here:

Weight: 1 lbs

Dimensions:6 × 6 × 3 in

Contents:5 × 2 g tubes

Storage:Room temperature

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