Product Overview​

F1 A-B Gradient  Gel Solution kit is "ready-to-run" SDS polyacrylamide solutions polymerize into an advanced molecular sieve for the electrophoretic separation of proteins. Because of the advanced buffer chemistry used in the gel matrix solution, F1 A-B Gradient Gels  allow a single separating gel. No stacking gel is required, as the F1 A-B Gradient Gel Solution kit proprietary formulation inherently stacks the protein samples during the normal electrophoresis run. Band resolution is unparalleled over a molecular range of 2.5 to 315 kDa. The new hybrid formulation of F1 A-B Gradient  Gel Solution kit gives these gels an increased gel strength, which allows for easier handling. F1 A-B Gradient  Gel Solution kit will work with all types of universal electrophoresis apparatus. Our gel mixtures are formulated for optimal performance in mass spectrometry-based proteomics experiments.


˙ High gel strength - allows easier handling.
˙ Ready to use in less than 10-15 minutes - just add TEMED and APS to polymerize the gel.
˙ No stacking gel required - permits longer gel separations
˙ High resolution gels for protein separation across a broad molecular weight range.

Research Applications

- SDS-PAGE separation of proteins
- Biomarker separation
- Recombinant protein purity analysis


​For 10mL of F1 A-B Gradient Gel Solution kit

(1)Add 10μL TEMED and gently mix solution for even distribution.

(2)Add 100μL 10% APS and gently mix solution for even distribution.

(3)Pour the gel solution into gel cartridge to the top of the short plate.

(4)Add the comb.

(5)Allow to sit for approximately 10-15 minutes for polymerization.  

*For larger or smaller volumes adjust the amount of F1 A-B  Gradient  Gel Solution kit, TEMED, and APS added​.

F1 AB gel 快速製膠溶液8&10&12%15%