Triaxial Nozzle (Mult Sizes - Individual)

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The Allevi Triaxial Nozzle allows users with an Allevi 3 bioprinter to mix bioinks from three syringes during printing. This is especially useful when working with biomaterials that require curing catalysts or liquid crosslinking agents. These materials may not be viscous enough to print without these agents or too viscous to be extrudable when mixed in the syringe.

Some example materials that can be printed with this nozzle are sodium alginate and calcium chloride, silicones and their respective catalysts, or any other materials that you desire to mix during a print.

The gauge size is 24g inner needle, 18g middle needle, and 14g outer needle. Allevi also makes custom triaxial nozzles.

Weight:1 lbs

Dimensions:5 × 4 × 2 in

Nozzle Gauge:

Needle – Gauge: ID (OD)
Inner needle – 24ga: 1.6 (2.11) mm
Middle needle – 18ga: 0.84 (1.24) mm
Outer needle – 14ga: 0.305 (0.559) mm

Contents:Triaxial Nozzle, triaxial tubing with luer lock connectors

Storage:1 coaxial kit


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