Metal Tip (Mult Sizes - Individual)

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These metal tips are standard bore tapered nozzles for high accuracy dispensing. They have a Luer Lock thread and can be used with any of our dispensing syringes. Gauges and their respective inside and outside diameters can be found on the table below.

Weight:0.1 lbs

Dimensions:1 × 1 × 1 in

Contents:1 tip (Non-sterile)

Storage:Room temperature

Gauge: ID (OD):

19 ga: 0.864 (1.067) mm
23 ga: 0.564 (0.635) mm
25 ga: 0.437 (0.508) mm
27 ga: 0.335 (0.406) mm
30 ga: 0.233 (0.305) mm


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