BDSB02 BIO-DOC 5X Stripping Buffer

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Application:WB, Chemical

Storage instruction:NuBlot Stripping Buffer could be stored at room temperature. Expiration date is labeled on the bottle or box.


  1. Prepare NuBlot™ Stripping Buffer by mixing 1 part of NuBlot™ Stripping Buffer (5X) and 4 parts of ddH2O.
  2. Wash nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane in wash buffer to remove the chemiluminescent substrate.
  3. Incubate the membrane in NuBlot™ Stripping Buffer for 1-3 minutes at room temperature while shaking.
  4. Discard NuBlot™ Stripping Buffer and wash the membrane 3 times in wash buffer.
  5. Re-block the stripped membrane and perform immunodetection by Western Blot normal protocol.
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