BDCK011-50 Tissue Total RNA Mini Kit (50prep)

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※ Principle : mini spin column (silica matrix)

※ Sample size : Please see Table. Sample amount and Yield.

※ Operation time : 30 ~ 60 minutes

※ Binding capacity : up to 100 μg total RNA/ column

※ Expected yield : Please see Table. Sample amount and Yield.

※ Column applicability : centrifugation and vaccum

※ Minimum elution volume : 40 μl


Important Notes :

※ Make sure everything is RNase-free when handling RNA.

※ Buffers provided in this system contain irritants. Wear gloves and lab coat when handling these buffers.

※ Caution: ß-mercaptoethanol is hazardous to human health. perform the procedures involving RB Buffer or PRB Buffer in a chemical fume hood. 

※ Add required volume of RNase-free ethanol (96~100%) to Wash Buffer 2 when first use.

※ Dilute RNase-free DNase 1 in reaction buffer (1M NaCl, 10 mM MnCl2, 20 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.0 at 25ºC) to final conc. = 0.5 U/μl.



Possible reasons


Low yield




Too much starting sample used may cause insufficient lysis and homogenization.

In Step.1 sample preparation, reduce the amount of starting sample or increase the volume of RB Buffer.

Incorrect RNA elution step.

Ensure that Elution Buffer was added and absorbed to the center of the RB Column matrix.

Ethanol carryover.

Ensure that centrifuge at ≥ 8000 x g (≥ 10,000 rpm) for 3 min to dry the RB column membrane in Step.6 Dry Column.

Incorrect preparation of Wash 2 Buffer.

Ensure that the correct volume of ethanol (96 ~ 100 %) was added to Wash 2 Buffer before use.

RNA degraded


Age of Sample.

Please use the fresh sample.

Residual DNA


DNA Contamination.

Please follow the Optional step to remove DNA.

RNA does not perform well in downstream experiments


Salt carryover during elution.

Ensure that Wash 2 Buffer is at room temperature (15–25°C).

Ethanol carryover.

Perform the step.6 in the protocol(centrifuge at ≥ 8000 x g or ≥ 10,000 rpm) to remove all traces of ethanol before eluting.

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