BDC056 Cell Counting kit 試劑盒

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  • CCK-8 Cell Counting Kit is rapid, highly sensitive and widely used in detection of cell proliferation and cytotoxicity.
  • CCK8, similar to MTT, produces a water-soluble formazan dye upon reduction in the presence of an electron carrier by dehydrogenases in mitochondria.
  • One-bottle, ready-to-use solution of CCK8 is in the kit.



Figure :

Culture HEK293 suspension cell in 96 well plate and divided into nine groups in triplicates. The cell number is 0, 4 x 102, 8 x 102, 1.6 x 103, 3.2 x 103, 6.4 x 103 , 1.28 x 104 , 2.56 x 104  and 5.12 x 104 , respectively. Compared with MTT and WST-1, the coefficient of determination (R2) of CCK8 is >0.99.

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