437796 C96孔螢光冷光白盤(含報告),Maxisorp,5s/kg,60s/cs

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  • Plate has SBS footprint—fits standard equipment
  • Available with flat-bottom or C-shaped wells
  • Choice of PolySorp™ or MaxiSorp™ surface
  • Offered as black, white or clear plates
  • Certified binding homogeneity/reproducibility


Choice of Surface

  • PolySorp - Hydrophobic surface that preferentially binds biomolecules that have hydrophobic domains

  • MaxiSorp - Hydrophilic surface that is optimized for binding IgG and also displays increased binding of many other proteins and biomolecules that possess hydrophilic/hydrophobic character. Available with or without lot specific

  • performance testing via an IgG binding assay (Well to Well %CV less than 5% for clear plates and less than 10% for colored plates). Tested items come with a certificate



  • Gives maximum reflection
  • Minimum autofluorescence and autoluminescence



  • Minimizes background in fluorescence reading
  • Minimizes back-scattered light
  • Minimizes crosstalk



  • For time-resolved fluorescence

Compatible with:

Compatible with lids for MicroWell™ plates, sealing tape and breathable membrane

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