341866 11mm 免疫管蓋, PE,600s/pkg,3600s/cs

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  • Offered in choice of three surfaces for optimal binding
  • Three tube sizes with stoppers available (ordered separately)
  • Fits standard equipment


<Choice of Surface>

  • Thermo Scientific™ PolySorp™ is a hydrophobic surface that preferentially binds biomolecules that have hydrophobic domains.
  • Thermo Scientific™ MaxiSorp™ is a hydrophilic surface that is optimized for binding IgG and also displays increased binding of many other proteins and biomolecules that possess hydrophilic/hydrophobic character.
  • Thermo Scientific™ Mini-Sorp™ is a polyethylene-based material that provides a low-binding surface.


<Liquid Phase Immunoassay Tubes (Cat. Nos. 443990, 468608)>

  • MiniSorp surface
  • Molded from special polyethylene formulation
  • For liquid phase immunoasssays, including RIA, for storing of reagents, or collecting chromatographic fractions


<Solid Phase Immunoassay Tubes>

  • PolySorp and MaxiSorp surfaces available for choice of optimal binding
  • For solid phase immuno techniques such as IRMA, ELISA and ILMA
  • High–quality polystyrene for optimal quality
  • StarTube design gives higher sensitivity and faster assay times
  • Enhances assay sensitivity and reduces incubation times


<Recommended for>

  • Solid Phase RIA
  • Liquid Phase RIA
  • Sample storage
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