3148-0050 35ml,螺旋蓋PPCO尖底離心管,10s/pkg,100s/cs

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  • Feature silk-screened graduations from 5 to 35mL in 1mL increments
  • Can withstand forces to 50,000 x g in refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifuges—requires adapter DS3147-0050 and sealing cap DS3132-0024 both sold separately
  • Supplied with polypropylene linerless closures for leakproof† performance up to 10,000 x g - requires adapter DS3147-0050
  • Polypropylene copolymer tubes are translucent and offer better chemical resistance than polycarbonate; repeatedly autoclavable
  • Tubes must be filled to at least 80% capacity for proper performance.
  • Autoclavable/Biohazard/Graduated/Leakproof† when used with Nalgene closure

Ordering Information:

To assure leakproof service, especially at speeds greater than 10,000 x g or when spinning hazardous materials, use Nalgene sealing cap Cat. No. DS3132-0024.


Supplied with linerless, polypropylene screw closure for leakproof† performance during ordinary use.


White polycarbonate tube adapter (see DS3147-0050 below) to centrifuge.

Recycling Information:
Nalgene reusable polypropylene(PP) and polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) centrifuge tubes are designed to last many spins under typical laboratory conditions. Yet, as with all durable products, they need to be retired and replaced eventually. These centrifuge tubes are recyclable in many communities. At end of product life, please wash and recycle your Nalgene PP and PPCO centrifuge tubes if services are available in your community.

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