2205-0032 1000mL,PC大容量窄口瓶,4s/pkg,24s/cs

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  • 16 oz. and 0.25 gal. sizes are good for smaller volume applications where contents need to be seen
  • 0.5 and 0.66 gal. sizes can be used as culture vessels for batch, suspension or nonattached roller culturing
  • 1 and 2 gal. sizes have built-in shoulder loops for attaching an identification tag
  • Excellent impact resistance makes these bottles good for freezer use to -135°C (-211°F)
  • Linerless caps provide the ultimate in leakproof† protection without the use of liner that can wrinkle, cause leaks or contaminate your reagents
  • Autoclavable/Transparent/Leakproof† when used with Nalgene closures


Leakproof† polypropylene screw caps


Before autoclaving, completely disengage threads or remove cap. Autoclave empty. Repeated autoclaving will shorten the bottle life.


Recycling Information:
Please recycle the corrugate cartons and LDPE bags in which your Nalgene bottles products are packaged.

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