176-0020 NYL針頭過濾器,4mm,0.20um,100s/pkg,400s/cs

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Key Features

  • 10 to 100mL sample size
  • Inlet: Female Luer-Lok™
  • Outlet: Male Luer slip
  • Polypropylene housing with ID color rings
  • Pore size and membrane type printed on unit

Surfactant-free Cellulose Acetate (SFCA)

  • Low protein binding, lower extractables than standard CA
  • Good for cell culture fluids and cellular solutions
  • Polypropylene housings with blue color rings

Cellulose Acetate (CA)

  • Some protein binding and extractables
  • For sterile filtration and clarification of: buffers, aqueous solutions and reagents
  • Polypropylene housings with red color rings


  • Naturally hydrophilic, low extractables, some protein binding
  • Useful for alcohols, cryoprotectants such as DMSO and with aqueous/biological and weak solvents
  • Polypropylene housings with pink color rings


  • Naturally hydrophobic
  • Excellent for HPLC/GC solvent filtration. Ideal for sterile venting of air or other gases during filtration
  • Polypropylene housings with white color rings
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