164-0020 1000ml,NYL濾杯組,90mm,0.20um,12s/cs

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  • Available in PES, CN, SFCA and Nylon membranes. Devices are color coded according to membrane.
  • Devices feature the fastest flow rate and lowest clogging of comparable alternatives
  • 0.1um PES available for mycoplasma protection
  • 0.2um PES devices are stem cell and mouse embryonic assay (MEA) tested
  • Non-pyrogenic and endotoxin free - Rapid-Flow filter units meet the most rigorous testing standards for any vacuum filtration unit.
  • Available with Fit for Purpose Sterile documentation
  • Some products on this page are ACT Labeled by My Green Lab to enable data-based sustainable product purchasing decisions (see "Full Specifications" in the product table for item participation)
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