3D生物列印趨勢分享&Demo - 莉蒔科技邀您9/26(二)中午蒞臨!




更令人興奮的是,我們將現場展示來自韓國Rokit Healthcare最引以為傲的生物列印儀器 - Dr. INVIVO 4D2!這將是一場別開生面的展演,絕不能錯過。

- 日期:2023/09/26 (二)
- 時間:中午12:00
- 地點:北醫雙和院區生醫大樓6樓(詳細教室待所秘書通知)




3D Bioprinting – A Turning Point to Expand Our Research Horizons!

Lis-Tech extends a heartfelt invitation to join us on an exploration of the world of bioprinting. 

What's even more exciting is that we'll be showcasing the pride of Rokit Healthcare from South Korea - the Dr. INVIVO 4D2 bioprinter live on-site! 

Here are the event details:
- Date: 2023/09/26 (Tuesday)
- Time: 12:00 PM
- Location: 6th floor, Biomedical Building, Shuanghe Campus, Taipei Medical University (detailed classroom will be notified by the secretary)

In addition, we'll be serving delightful snacks and beverages, providing the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy lunch with us in a relaxed atmosphere.

Let's join hands in exploring the boundless possibilities of the future of medicine and witness the miracle of 3D bioprinting together. We look forward to your presence!


➢ 莉蒔專線:02-2228-8950
➢ 莉蒔信箱:info@lis-tek.com

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